The Brave One

We all need bravery at some point in time, so maybe we should use it all the time. As stated by Lupytha Harmin,”Bravery is what defines us.” In the book “I Am Malala” Malala is telling an exceptional story of how she used bravery to fight for her rights. Malala showed us bravery by speaking against the Taliban and speaking on stage about her beliefs.

Malala spoke against the Taliban because women’s education is what she believed in. Before, Malala might not have thought she’d be giving speeches about education.But without a doubt, after she had to hide to be able to go to school she started speaking against lawmakers.

After reading the book Malala has shown us how to be brave by not being scared of what might have happened to her, but also standing up for your beliefs. My grandpa always told me “Doesn’t matter if you’re too scared you should always stand up for what’s right.
Malala also showed to be brave when doing something hard or challenging. Speaking on stage can be hard for some people, but if you dig down and find a little bravery you can do it 1,000 times. Bravery is what makes up life, but if we didn’t have bravery we would be over run by fear. Going on a tall roller coaster can be bravery, so is picking up a crab. Even if you speak against a bully is bravery. To me brave is a great thing to be, because once I went on a really tall roller coaster but I was scared. So,I let my inner self out and was brave.

Again, if,we didn’t have Bravery we’d be nothing. Bravery was showed by Malala by speaking against the Taliban and speaking on stage about her beliefs. To tell you the truth, bravery is an amazing character trait to have and without it we’d probably be over run by fear.

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