Literary Response

41xlmc7pkzl-_sx334_bo1204203200_,204,203,200_.jpg                                                                                   First,this is why I think the book “Out of my Mind”, is realistic fiction. She rolls around on her wheelchair like a car with Freddy while in real life some people have to use a wheelchair too,”He tells me every chance he gets,”Freddy go zoom.” Molly and Claire pick on her like big sisters when some kids go to school they get picked on or bullied,”Hey,Claire! Look at me! I’m a retard.” Her dad brought home a puppy that was happy as a baseball team that won a game while some kids dads may bring home a puppy as a present for them,”The clumsy little dog raced around the room.” That is why I think “Out of my Mind” is realistic fiction.

Sharon Draper’s Writing

Here are some things I like about Sharon Draper’s writing. It helps me be more understanding for others like in the book it says “Her body tends to move on it’s own agenda.” The story is also written in first person she wrote in the book “I can’t talk.” The descriptive language created imagery for the reader that I enjoyed Ms.Draper wrote this “I dreamed of chocolate clouds all night.” That’s what I like about Sharon Draper’s writing.

Earth Day

Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson

Americans were slurping leaded gas through massive V8 snniversareadens

Recycle as much as possible

The mellinnium approached, Hayes agreed to spearhead another campain

Hayes built a national staff of 85 to promote events across the land


Despite these challenges, Earth Day prevailed an Earth Day network

Anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970

You help the evironment

Child Labor

I think child labor in my opinion is not appropriate,because they put children under 5 to work. Most children had to work more than their parents. They only got 2 dollars for working an entire day.imageEnd child labor.

An Organized Government

If I were one of the 3 branches of government I would want to be the Executive, because I would get to be president or Vice President. Also I get to protect the country. I get to make sure the law is safe enough and makes sense. What’s even cooler I get to visit al over the country like the Capitol. I also get guards beside me were ever I go. But I have to do paperwork like enforcing laws, bills, contracts, and taxes. So if I had to be a branch I would be Excutive.