Effects of Changing Dimensions

when you double the dimensions of a polygon, the scale factor is two and when you triple it it is three.

When the perimeter is doubled it will be added together with its own number value but when tripled it will be multiplied by three.


Fighting the Fear

To you next year may seem a little scary, but actually it isn’t. To make your year easier Don’t bring spinner fidgets to class and making good grades are two good pieces of advice to help you out in 6th grade.

One piece of advice for next year is to make good grades. By doing this it can make it to where you have more friends, the teachers like you, you pass, and finally, you’re able to play sports in 7th grade. You need to be careful and make good grades because if you don’t and you really like sports well you won’t be playing. Now that would stink if you were A team quarterback. One time I made a really bad grade and my mom made me sit the bench a whole baseball game. So a good thing to keep tucked in your brain is if you’re not passing you’re not playing.

Another piece of advice for you to know is never play with a spinner fidget in class because if you do you can make bad grades, and lose concentration on the work you are doing. You should not bring a spinner fidget to class because, it can get to loud which will cause people to get distracted and make a bad grade because they didn’t finish the worksheet. On April 8th this year I got all of my fidget spinners taken away because it was distracting the people that were still working,but I had already been warned so he took them away for the rest of the year. That is why you shouldn’t use a spinner fidget during class.

Now 6th grade isn’t so scary and you know exactly what to do. Not bringing a spinner fidget to class and making good grades are two amazing pieces of advice for you next year. Good luck…

Why Invasive Species?

Although lionfish may seem like a threat to people, did you know lionfish actually kill vegetation in the ocean too. Which means all the habitat on the reef for fish are completely gone. How will the fish live, and how can we get rid of these exotic pests? Well, here’s how. It is legal to remove all lionfish from all Texas waters, with a spear, net, or hook and line, and, tracking down the lionfish population are two solutions that establish aquatic animals to have a positive outcome on East Texas ecosystems.
An exotic species is a certain species that is not native to an area. What these exotic species do is ruin the lakes and other bodies of water in East Texas by covering the ecosystem down below. If, the species cover the sun it creates too much habitat for the fish in the water. With too much habitat the bass will be skinny because they can’t find food. So what we have tried to do to stop them is spray herbicide to kill the plants, get beetles to eat the plants, and put up a fence to stop them from coming into our area. These solutions have not completely stopped the issue.
One solution that I’ve came up with is tracking down the lionfish population. Although more sightings in recent years suggest that more lionfish are present, that may not be the case. A monitoring program is needed to determine if the number of lionfish is actually growing. With this we’ll be able to set traps up before they get to the destination.
Another solution I prefer is this… It is legal to remove lionfish from all Texas waters with a spear, net, or hook and line. In fact, by doing this we can have more habitats for fish to live on the reefs. Did you know, Houston did just this and they’ve already gotten ¾ of what they had back.
Starting a monitoring program and removing lionfish with a spear, net, or hook and line are two amazing solutions to stopping this invasion. Now when you see a lionfish you don’t have to be scared of it hurting you. You can make it be scared of you hurting you.

The Brave One

We all need bravery at some point in time, so maybe we should use it all the time. As stated by Lupytha Harmin,”Bravery is what defines us.” In the book “I Am Malala” Malala is telling an exceptional story of how she used bravery to fight for her rights. Malala showed us bravery by speaking against the Taliban and speaking on stage about her beliefs.

Malala spoke against the Taliban because women’s education is what she believed in. Before, Malala might not have thought she’d be giving speeches about education.But without a doubt, after she had to hide to be able to go to school she started speaking against lawmakers.

After reading the book Malala has shown us how to be brave by not being scared of what might have happened to her, but also standing up for your beliefs. My grandpa always told me “Doesn’t matter if you’re too scared you should always stand up for what’s right.
Malala also showed to be brave when doing something hard or challenging. Speaking on stage can be hard for some people, but if you dig down and find a little bravery you can do it 1,000 times. Bravery is what makes up life, but if we didn’t have bravery we would be over run by fear. Going on a tall roller coaster can be bravery, so is picking up a crab. Even if you speak against a bully is bravery. To me brave is a great thing to be, because once I went on a really tall roller coaster but I was scared. So,I let my inner self out and was brave.

Again, if,we didn’t have Bravery we’d be nothing. Bravery was showed by Malala by speaking against the Taliban and speaking on stage about her beliefs. To tell you the truth, bravery is an amazing character trait to have and without it we’d probably be over run by fear.

Malala the Truth Speaker

To start with Malala wanted her voice to be heard Because she care about women’s education rights. Malala is a girl who tried to get a good education but couldn’t because of people trying to kick teenage girls out of school. As stated in the book 7 elderman came and said,” Teenage girls should not be going to school.”

Malala spoke out to the world because women do not get a good education like men. Globally, there is 65 million girls not attending primary school. Malala needed her voice to be heard because women’s education important.

International Education

Obviously, education is important to Malala because she wants to be successful. Being successful in life can get you a better job. For instance, 17.8 percent of jobs don’t need anything higher than a highschool diploma. Which means the other 83.2 percent of jobs need a 4 or more year college diploma.

When you are successful you are able to buy yourself a nice house and maybe even a nice car to live with. Here is how you can buy these things. First, you have to have a good education. Second, with a good education give you good credit score. Third, with good credit score you can buy big things. Knowledge is ponderous to Malala because she wants to be advantageous.

The Runaway Firework

One moment I realize today I’d have to hurry

But another moment and I might have to scurry

When you get to close to a firework realize they go boom

Cause if something goes wrong you just might be doomed


I was 5ft from the firecracker and just what I saw

The firecracker was tipped over and I wasn’t scared at all

After the first shot it shot at the trees

So I thought in my mind I’d have to unfreeze


But after that shot I started to hustle

Then after a couple steps I began to tussle

When I got back up from the fall I started to hurt

That was when I noticed standing close to that firecracker

Wasn’t quite smart  

Reflection of “Out of My Mind” Book

When you say stupid

I say intelligent

When you think you’re dumb

I think otherwise

If you are weak he

He will make you stiff as steel

If you think the end ,

I think just the beginning,

Always know that when you say something,

It could hurt them,

More than it hurts you,

“Momma alway said life is like a box of chocolates

You never know what you’re gonna get,”

Words can come back and hurt you later in life

If you think the end

I think just the beginning

Literary Response

41xlmc7pkzl-_sx334_bo1204203200_https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41XlmC7pkZL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg                                                                                   First,this is why I think the book “Out of my Mind”, is realistic fiction. She rolls around on her wheelchair like a car with Freddy while in real life some people have to use a wheelchair too,”He tells me every chance he gets,”Freddy go zoom.” Molly and Claire pick on her like big sisters when some kids go to school they get picked on or bullied,”Hey,Claire! Look at me! I’m a retard.” Her dad brought home a puppy that was happy as a baseball team that won a game while some kids dads may bring home a puppy as a present for them,”The clumsy little dog raced around the room.” That is why I think “Out of my Mind” is realistic fiction.