Fighting the Fear

To you next year may seem a little scary, but actually it isn’t. To make your year easier Don’t bring spinner fidgets to class and making good grades are two good pieces of advice to help you out in 6th grade.

One piece of advice for next year is to make good grades. By doing this it can make it to where you have more friends, the teachers like you, you pass, and finally, you’re able to play sports in 7th grade. You need to be careful and make good grades because if you don’t and you really like sports well you won’t be playing. Now that would stink if you were A team quarterback. One time I made a really bad grade and my mom made me sit the bench a whole baseball game. So a good thing to keep tucked in your brain is if you’re not passing you’re not playing.

Another piece of advice for you to know is never play with a spinner fidget in class because if you do you can make bad grades, and lose concentration on the work you are doing. You should not bring a spinner fidget to class because, it can get to loud which will cause people to get distracted and make a bad grade because they didn’t finish the worksheet. On April 8th this year I got all of my fidget spinners taken away because it was distracting the people that were still working,but I had already been warned so he took them away for the rest of the year. That is why you shouldn’t use a spinner fidget during class.

Now 6th grade isn’t so scary and you know exactly what to do. Not bringing a spinner fidget to class and making good grades are two amazing pieces of advice for you next year. Good luck…

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