Malala the Truth Speaker

To start with Malala wanted her voice to be heard Because she care about women’s education rights. Malala is a girl who tried to get a good education but couldn’t because of people trying to kick teenage girls out of school. As stated in the book 7 elderman came and said,” Teenage girls should not be going to school.”

Malala spoke out to the world because women do not get a good education like men. Globally, there is 65 million girls not attending primary school. Malala needed her voice to be heard because women’s education important.

International Education

Obviously, education is important to Malala because she wants to be successful. Being successful in life can get you a better job. For instance, 17.8 percent of jobs don’t need anything higher than a highschool diploma. Which means the other 83.2 percent of jobs need a 4 or more year college diploma.

When you are successful you are able to buy yourself a nice house and maybe even a nice car to live with. Here is how you can buy these things. First, you have to have a good education. Second, with a good education give you good credit score. Third, with good credit score you can buy big things. Knowledge is ponderous to Malala because she wants to be advantageous.