Personal Naritive

When I got on the ride I was scared, because the ride had a huge hill at the top. After we got on the ride the directer said ” 3,2,1 GO”! Then we were off going zooming over the slopes. ZOOM! ZOOM! ZOOM! Thats the only thing I could hear. Finally we were done with the slopes. When we were done with the slopes we were going up a huge hill. After we got to the top, the rail was pulled up like a bunch of gorillas were pounding it. Then we went backwards. It was Awesome!!! Then we came to a cave we stopped. I thought the ride was stuck. After that a huge yedi shadow came out of the left corner. It had big mucles. Next we went into this dark area, and we went upside down. then we twisted and turned from 1:oo-1:10. Finally we got off. After we got off i said”Lets do it again”.